V123 Pros/Optimizing Your Experience on V123

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Optimizing Your Experience on V123

    Want to raise your game on Voice123? This intensive course will take you to the next level. Learn the latest features, tips, and best practices. There are many pitfalls to the platform that we want to help you avoid and this course will guide you through it step by step. There is something for everyone in here, whether you are a beginner on the platform or a seasoned professional coming back after a hiatus.

    Save and resume the course anytime you want and you'll automatically get updates when there are new features added. (Latest update - January 2024)

    Improve your profile. Navigate castings effectively. Set yourself up for success.
    You got this!

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    Contents of Course

    Introduction and How to Get Booked - 8 min

    This introduces Natasha and Katherine, a summary of the contents in this course, some caveats, and an overview of how to get booked on Voice123.
    Introductory Video
    • 8 mins
    • 250 MB
    Read this if you're new to VO or Voice123!

      Learn the Value of the Dashboard Features - 19 min

      An overview of your profile's "dashboard". Reviewing your profile's favorites, reviews, median response time, hidden "last active" timing, and voice actor percentile.
      Dashboard Explanation
      • 11 mins
      • 237 MB
      "Home" Dashboard
      • 9 mins
      • 216 MB

      Personalize your Platform Preferences - 37 min

      A walkthrough of Natasha's preferred invitation settings, booking settings, and notification preferences.
      Plus, a detailed look at the "Bookings" feature.
      **Bonus video: Memberships (also found here: https://www.v123pros.com/memberships-strategy-guide).
      Setting Your Preferences
      • 16 mins
      • 273 MB
      Bookings Feature
      • 18 mins
      • 376 MB
      • 9 mins
      • 197 MB

      Improve your V123 Personal Profile - 15 min

      Recommendations for what to put in your profile. This video covers the new SEO features as well as other text portions of your Voice123 profile.
      Profile Optimization
      • 15 mins
      • 292 MB

      Navigating Castings Like a Pro - 18 min

      This section covers how to be discerning when considering castings on Voice123 by reviewing invitation groups, how and when you get invited to auditions, plus finding clues hidden in the project proposal and script.
      Navigating Castings
      • 19 mins
      • 420 MB

      Submitting Auditions Effectively - 26 min

      This section covers how to audition effectively on Voice123 by choosing between auditions, submitting proposals, and some secret sauce you can use to improve your percentage of voice actors on the site.
      Effective Auditioning
      • 13 mins
      • 246 MB
      What the Client Sees
      • 14 mins
      • 299 MB

      What are Playlists and Samples - 9 min

      A brief overview of why Voice123 moved to their new playlist and sample layout, how to use it to your advantage, and a brief look at how to search playlists on your profile.
      Playlists and Samples
      • 10 mins
      • 206 MB
      Overview of 2023 Voice123 Changes.pdf
      • 262 KB

      SEO on the V123 Platform - 23 min

      What SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means within the context of Voice123 and how to use filters, favorites, and booking settings to see how hirers can find you through keywords.
      SEO and How It Works
      • 24 mins
      • 596 MB

      The How-to of Playlists and Samples - 27 min

      The step-by-step details of how to add playlists, samples, and keywords to your profile. Touches on pitfalls and how to best title your samples for optimal searchability by Voice123's algorithm.

      Playlist and Sample Creation
      • 27 mins
      • 647 MB

      Brainstorming Effective Keywords - 15 mins

      This module takes you deeper into how to create, cultivate, and/or curate keywords for your brand and for your audio samples elevating your profile and playlists to make you more searchable on the platform.
      A Deeper Dive Into Keywords
      • 20 mins
      • 391 MB
      Keywording and Branding Handout - V123 Pros.pdf
      • 114 KB

      Need More Help? - 5 min

      A summary of further resources, how Natasha and Katherine can help you further, and what to do next!
      Further Help aka What To Do Next
      • 5 mins
      • 172 MB
      Download To-Do List.pdf
      • 90.3 KB